Never Buy Masonite Again!


Old way of floor protection vs. the GDOE way

Green Dominion was founded in 2010 by a commercial relocation service veteran of 30+ years with a passion for our environment and desire to change how floor surfaces are protected during every phase of a building fit up through occupancy. Every day, service providers experience the waste, debris and damage produced by the poor performing products that many service providers use when protecting hallway floors, lobbies and elevators.

After seeing all the “one and done” plastic films, inferior bin board and the filthy deteriorated Masonite sheets end up in the trash we thought, “There has to be a better way.”

That’s why Green Dominion was formed—to come up with better products to protect all flooring types for the Construction, FF&E Installers, Moving Companies and the Property Management and Facility Management industries…. and we have! GDOE is durable, clean and easy to install and built to last!

GDOE now has an impressive 10 year daily usage performance rate and counting! If you think about how much time, energy, cleanup, waste and money spent on Masonite over that time frame, you’d have to agree that an investment into GDOE back then has paid for itself almost 10 times over and has become and owned asset going forward. Clients are making their purchases a monthly capital expenditure over 2-3 years and considering the performance durability of GDOE, winning business on RFP’s with a sustainable solution for floor protection

Our GDOE products are made in the USA from 100% USA post-consumer/industrial recycled HDPE plastic which is super strong and high performing. Instead of using products like Masonite for a few months then throwing them away, GDOE can be used thousands of times, and then be recycled again. This saves in sourcing materials, labor and cleanup, not too mention the tons of waste.



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