Never Buy Masonite Again!

GDOE versus Masonite…..and others

Comparing Before GDoe vs. with GDoe floor protection

11 Year Comparison GDOE vs Masonite

Based on 2,400 linear feet of product

Product TypeInitial CostDays UsableRe-Order TimesRe-Order CostLandfill Tons
Masonite$6,000180 OR LESS

See how GDoe compares to other products:

MasoniteCarpet FilmRam Board
100% recyclable product made from 100% recycled content
Will not chip, deteriorate of leave any residue
Repels water
Safe, textured slip free surface
Impact Proof
Asset Item versus Expense Item
Diverts waste material from our nation’s landfills
10+ Year Daily Usage Rate and Counting
Protects all flooring surfaces
Substantial and measurable labor, handling, sourcing savings
Pressure Washable
No shifting on surfaces