Never Buy Masonite Again!

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Never buy Masonite again!

Since 2011, Green Dominion has produced the most durable, cleanest and 100% environmentally friendly floor protection products used in commercial & residential moving, ff&e installations, and construction.  GDOE Floor Protection Boards come in 2 different recycled material types and sizes, both in 2 thicknesses, and our GDOE Elevator Floor Protection are custom cut for each elevator.


We’re creating a better way

GDOE has a 6 year daily usage run rate…and counting! We’re changing how the companies required to use floor protection win and do business.
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We’re doing something good for "our" environment

GDOE is made from 100% USA post consumer/industrial content. By eliminating the waste and debris created on job sites from inferior floor protection products like Masonite, Plastic Films and Bin Board, GDOE only needs to be bought once and is 100% recyclable.
GDOE vs. the Rest

We’re giving back

Green Dominion is a tomorrow-focused company. Part of our mission is to improve the world we live in. We’d love to show you how we’re doing that.
Our commitment.